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Humanists_UK London Humanists are people who shape their own lives in the here and now, because we believe it's the only life we have. Here's our patron, @rickygervais, on the humanist approach to life in a segment of his series (ironically enough) called #AfterLife. We advance free thinking and promote humanism to create a tolerant society where rational thinking and kindness prevail. Registered charity no. 285987.
yektakopan We have never faced the stages of grief so ironically and calmly. Thank you @rickygervais @netflix @netflixturkiye #AfterLife
RevRichardColes Watching #AfterLife, love it, pre and post my own widowhood. Empathetic, insightful, funny in a way I would have thought only someone who had experienced it could be. Former Communard, co-presenter of Saturday Live, Chancellor of the University of Northampton, Vicar of Finedon. Please don’t shout at me.
christineday123 @netflix ‘s Afterlife is so damn good. @rickygervais deserves all the awards. His performance is so funny and real. Grief is complicated and has no expiration date #AfterLife #AfterLife3 #afterlifenetflix Mom, daughter, sister, friend. Human. All opinions are my own because who else’s would they be?? 👩🏻💁🏻‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧🏈⚾️❤️🇺🇸🇳🇱🏳️‍🌈✨
CalebJT2021 Someone should make a music video of that scene from #NoWayHome with MJ and Peter before #DoctorStrange final spell, with #HaileeSteinfeld singing 'Afterlife'. Those words to that song go so perfectly with that scene. Interact with this tweet if you think so too. Love Movies, Friends, and Joking. Hope to be an actor one day. Love fiction as an escape from the common: troubles, restrains, and panic of our reality.
alison_lj warlingham @MissJoHartley @rickygervais Jo you were absolutely brilliant as well in afterlife love the scene's with you and your son so funny miss both my son's not at home 🏡 all grown up moved out X X💕👍💓👌 live with scoliosis married 2 rob got 2 handsome sons
DizzyFPL Moncton, New Brunswick @fffestED Ooft started ep1 of Afterlife S3 and gave up, havent revisited yet, sounds like I might as well not bother just watch S1 and 2 again Part Time FPL player, Part Time GME and AMC trader, Full Time Clueless
jack_tosney Leeds Inspired by @rickygervais @netflix and @theCALMzone, Jack Tosney Furniture is offering 50% off Garden Benches until next week. Free UK delivery, assembled. #AfterLife “We all die, just not today” Theatre scenery builder turned Company Director of Jack Tosney Furniture Ltd. #SaveTheArts.
YussufMwinyi True citizen of the world The earth can flourish without us, but we cannot flourish without the creatures in it. But we believe we are special and even have another world waiting for us just for believing in that afterlife. Voicing~ Coast || Swahili || Regio-Political issues Mkereketwa || Mneni wa ya Pwani || Wapwani || Kiswahili || Waswahili || Mswahili kindakindaki na kiuhalisia
AndreaDProjects Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg 2. Azrael Alec and Erin are an ordinary teenage couple - except they aren't. Alec comes from the parallel Afterlife and Erin is a survivor of a serial killer who murdered her family. Everything goes south when Alec is revealed to be THAT killer from her past, unbeknownst to him. PhD in Physics, developer of Schwarzerblitz, a 90s-style 3D fighting game, and Motionsickness! (he/him) SCHWB: Discord:
AndreaDProjects Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg 1. The Map to the Heart Mavelius, an AI scientist/roboticist tackles with the existence of another, parallel Afterlife and tries to use an alchemic process to reincarnate the soul of his loved one in a robot. He picks the wrong soul, but the robot becomes like a daughter to him. PhD in Physics, developer of Schwarzerblitz, a 90s-style 3D fighting game, and Motionsickness! (he/him) SCHWB: Discord:
mohammadchoud1 @BauhatSara Both here and the afterlife. Replacement account for hacked @mohammadchoud16 ….. credit for dp to Themoonguy®
Four_k_tweetin @rickygervais I’m so touched that you read that tweet of mine and liked it Ricky! I’ve been grieving since 2020 for my mum so watching and enjoying afterlife was too raw for a while. but it’s an important show and a special one. I also finally watched Derek recently, thats so good as well 🥰👍 Hello, I’m Four-K! Ultra HD male humanoid, gay gamer, & official Floof Sympathiser 🐾 He/Him/His/Fella/Bloke #lgbtqia 🏳️‍🌈 #blacklivesmatter #stopasianhate
MartinCollinsx London So, the general public, love #AfterLife written and starring @rickygervais The critics, not so much. I’m with the people who live real lives, definitely not the critics. It’s wonderful Dad, Radio Presenter, Voice Over, Runner, Love Nature. #Autism
jimblingeuph Oldham, England Ok I’m going to come out and say it how it is. I’ve praised #AfterLife after all 3 series’ and tagged @rickygervais in all 3 tweets. Has he liked or responded to any of them? Has he fork. Man of the people they say. Bollocks. Oldham
KateElizabeth99 Surrey/London Sitting here hugging my dog, in pieces from #AfterLife never watched anything that can make me howl with laughter and then cry in one sitting. Thanks @rickygervais you’re doing amazing sweetie
PAMREBroker Toronto, Ontario @CodyCrayons I am listening now. 416-540-4641🏠 #REMAX CONDOS PLUS Realtor ~ Broker / Manager / 🏠Investor / 🏠Educator #M5V #M8V #TorontoRealEstate #REMAXCONDOS #WorkPlayToronto
IndieBookButler Floating in the Bibliosphere The Grim Reaper has lost his head and nobody knows where to find it. A mysterious villain is decapitating people. The afterlife needs a hero... Fortunately, Detective Blunt has just been murdered. Okay, he's not happy about it. #Fantasy #Comedy The best indie reads. Author pages, book launches, interviews, book boosts, and more! Come and find your next great read!
fee7 Newcastle @MissJoHartley @rickygervais I sobbed uncontrollably for a good half hour after watching episide 6. Brought it all home- watched the first season with my Husband knowing he had months to live, season 2 by myself after he had died and this one with my new partner. My #afterlife journey has been emotional Best things in life are making memories with people I love! Gigs, music, good food and Holidays 👍
GerryNeill2021 Limerick, Ireland @rickygervais I just had an idea. Wouldn't it great to make Lionel stress balls or little Teddy bears of Lionel and sell them and the proceeds go to a children's cancer charity. I'd definitely buy one. #AfterLife #AfterLife3 In order to write about life first you must live it.
tobehonest_am The old @theweeknd symbolize his darkest & melancholic side In this Album #dawnfm and in the follow up videos Abe will finally let go this side and will move into #AFTERLIFE RSM. 🇸🇲
Graffiti_Games #RSBoxOfficeContest Create a title for a movie that would appear at the box office in the AFTERLIFE for your chance to win an Amazon Gift Card! 🎬 Use the hashtag or join the game’s Discord (and post there to enter! 🎬 Ends 1/25 10AM PDT #indiegame Official Twitter account for Graffiti Games 🎮 Follow for the latest announcements on our upcoming games!
BenjaminHaigh5 @MissJoHartley that speech you give to Tony in #AfterLife season 3 about the money 👍🏼😍😍😍class and your right the Childress hospital scene 🥺🥺🥺 Leeds United fan. Follow me I follow you 💙🤍💛
SeanHurley68 Salisbury @rickygervais oh well Mr Gervais, I hope you are happy! I have never laughed and cried so much in one series #AfterLife. Absolutely superb, thank you all so much. Amazing casting, direction and probably your best yet.
cyndivcastro11 Houston, Texas Three artists' take on working with toxic waste and new life-forms amidst capitalism. Free event, in-person, Houston Climate Justice Museum on Sat. Jan 29. Postdoc @CEEatIllinois, exploring human-water systems and nature-based solutions in urban environments (she/they)
oconnear DNS, Dublin Just finished S3 of Afterlife on @netflix from @rickygervais and he managed to include a great tune from England Dan in the last ep. Super series. Thanks Sat8am Opinions mine
sharon_steyn Watching #Derek (I know it’s old) and see 4 people from #AfterLife brilliant! 👍😊 @rickygervais Derek is beautifully written.
BeltUpKidz #afterlife ⁦@rickygervais⁩ Just finished series 3. Omg. Incredible, what an absolute talent Ricky Gervais is amazing writing and a fabulous cast. Well done…had me laughing and crying didn’t want it to end. 🎬👏 Official BeltUpKidz - Retrofit buckle ensures safety of children in their Buggies, Highchairs and Trikes, Order Online Today. What a mum needed, so i invented!
janushernia southport merseyside Finished Afterlife last , night , beautiful and loved the dog , Good Girl 😍
HyperionNewU Pandora The Hyperion corporation would like to remind you that the afterlife is extremely boring, and not worth visiting. Hyperion provides you the greatest in accidental death or dismemberment insurance at an affordable cost. [bot]
SDal63 Liverpool, England @rickygervais Lost my dog Charlie, 23/12/20 and my Mum, June 21, my first look at Afterlife, absolute masterpiece, made me feel better, you're a genius @rickygervais Passionate about culture, football, love to travel.
MrsSpooky1981 Russia, Saint-Petersburg @ju_grey @OnceUponAFanHLH @AnaRespectfully @dallas_shopper @MichaelaSchaff6 @AnaMuriel91 @Mer_B_75 @AfricaAlonso3 @Soredamor42 @EloiguiMir @LFan5g @DubenskyMartyna @TimelesssFlame @naracharlize @realutopia68 @cyn_eva @Devilisashedoes @DevilishDes1re @EmmanuelleChas2 @TEstateofmind @HeinHolstein @knight_vision @DianaLehotsky @LizaMeller @SPlarinou @netflix @JBFilms @LuciferNetflix @warnerbrostv Exactly my thought! Why couldn't he be there and fly her into her afterlife? Nothing prevent him from being there. Maybe this scene, if it only existed, would've let me come to terms w/ the ending...
observer1964 Aylesbury. Bucks @rickygervais just binge watched afterlife series 3... absolutely fantastic thank you.. im a 57 year old man with a 38 year old wife. I can so relate.although unlikely I would be a wreck if anything happened to her. Had me laughing and in tears. Your acting was excellent. lead guitarist in The Observers, Pubcrawl & Dealey Plaza husband to @LCloypus1 Arsenal fan since 5 years old
_jhahn12 VA I really hope the afterlife is real because I can’t wait to play spoons on my knee and throw some back with my grandparents! I’m jealous of everyone who still has theirs.. I truly hope you cherish all the moments you have in this life! They say the good die young that's the #truth! #LBJ #TigerWoods #Duke #9ers #Braves IG: _jhahn12 #OOGA
enby_peep hikikel trying to make cookies: ok so the recipe says i need 6 tbsp butter and an egg hero's ghost: you need to soften the butter first kel: hm. hero: kel listen to me. soften the butter first. kel: just gonna go ahead and mix it all up :) hero: i hate my forking afterlife (xe/xem/xyr) call me miles!! or ken! or valen. lol idc. || enby-peep and enbiart on tumblr enby.peep on instagram || i like kel and hero 🐎🐎
emmaverde9 Peterborough, England #AfterLife @rickygervais @NetflixUK 😢💔👍 I didn’t want series 3 to finish - so beautifully written and acted. Absolutely amazing. 👏👏 Im an emotional wreck but now I need to watch from series 1 again 😀
Ashley123p Swansea, Wales @rickygervais Starting #Afterlife again and on season 1 episode 4. It's amazing and wish I'd stuck at it sooner 🤣🤣🤣 Dont Follow me, I Don’t Know Where I'm Going. I’m a Paper Cut Survivor. Elvis fan & Chelsea Fc. Bedroom Dj. Got The Greatest Gift On Earth....My Son Devon xx
ItsMeBareth United Kingdom Watching the final episode of #AfterLife this whole series all of them have made me laugh, cry and everything in between. So well done hope the ending is done well. Loves in my life involve gaming, sport, tv and films. I stream on twitch(since 2018) and you can see that at Likes not endorsements
ju_grey Junimond @dallas_shopper @OnceUponAFanHLH @AnaRespectfully @MrsSpooky1981 @MichaelaSchaff6 @AnaMuriel91 @Mer_B_75 @AfricaAlonso3 @Soredamor42 @EloiguiMir @LFan5g @DubenskyMartyna @TimelesssFlame @naracharlize @realutopia68 @cyn_eva @Devilisashedoes @DevilishDes1re @EmmanuelleChas2 @TEstateofmind @HeinHolstein @knight_vision @DianaLehotsky @LizaMeller @SPlarinou @netflix @JBFilms @LuciferNetflix @warnerbrostv That would have made a great scene. Lucifer taking all Chloe to the afterlife and she turns young again. They could have still let him call her "Detective" and it would have been really sweet. Mom & Dog-Mom who loves books, sewing, video-games, art, music, Animes & Mangas, hier twittert auch mal mein Hund Madame Lu mit
pp1nkmatter @okayfineimissu2 @labiasandwich i will dedicate the rest of my life to following every religion and praying to every god so that i can make sure you never enter any type of afterlife paradise valar morghulis
Kokureno levihan's forest thinking about the fact that mike and hange should've been sibling 😞 THAT WOULD'VE BEEN SO COOL, LIKE, IMAGINE WHEN HANGE SAW HIM AGAIN IN AFTERLIFE, SMILING :( 19yo ☀️ she/her ☀️ spoilers ☀️ nsfw being a hange stan is my character trait
user71022688 earth honestly with the way tech is going they could probably replicate my brain and allow me to tweet in the afterlife. earth is a large dumpster and i am but a small opossum.
wallace954 Thought I would try out #AfterLife new season… NOPE! fork that. First episode and I’m gone 😭😭 another day. Today is not a crying day 😂✌🏼 It's the remix to ignition...
ju_grey Junimond @OnceUponAFanHLH @AnaRespectfully @dallas_shopper @MrsSpooky1981 @MichaelaSchaff6 @AnaMuriel91 @Mer_B_75 @AfricaAlonso3 @Soredamor42 @EloiguiMir @LFan5g @DubenskyMartyna @TimelesssFlame @naracharlize @realutopia68 @cyn_eva @Devilisashedoes @DevilishDes1re @EmmanuelleChas2 @TEstateofmind @HeinHolstein @knight_vision @DianaLehotsky @LizaMeller @SPlarinou @netflix @JBFilms @LuciferNetflix @warnerbrostv Surely Amenadiel or at least Azrael knew that it was Chloe's time to die. So if the loop is already broken when Rory sits at Chloe's bed, why not have Lucifer being there and guiding Chloe? Or waiting for her in the afterlife. Not in a therapy session with Dan's murderer but Mom & Dog-Mom who loves books, sewing, video-games, art, music, Animes & Mangas, hier twittert auch mal mein Hund Madame Lu mit
SandraKing16 North Saanich BC @rickygervais I must say I felt more desolation and emptiness in S3. I guess it’s the “ she’s really gone” feeling. So real! Depicted beautifully. The last ep is just pure beauty. But it nearly destroyed me. Floods. And I’m not a cryer! #Afterlife is indeed a masterpiece. 💚 clarinettist, trying the French horn, clinician, educator, artist, Ricky Gervais fan, obviously
Sebasti45765684 @MissJoHartley @rickygervais You have an affliction called compassion and kindness, which is something this world desperately needs more of. I went thru 20 or so tissues with that scene, especially when she said her name was Lisa. da Vinci had his Mona Lisa, Ricky has his AfterLife. #AfterLife3 Avid Celts fan. Bleed green.🍀 #34 The Truth GOAT!
0_witch @BBCTheOneShow @rickygervais This is beautiful ❤️ I love #AfterLife, the characters and the lovely dog. It’s happy & sad x
AtkaNuntis Photography Corner The #Phasmophobia afterlife looks quite inviting 😂 don’t you think @KineticGame? Lol @ItsJustPhil_ ‘s flashlight glitched and caused this effect, almost looks like a poster for the game @Twitch Streamer | Gamer🕹 Photographer📸 | A.K.A Awesome in a package | Do The Impossible |
lesleylyness @rickygervais #AfterLife It will rightly get a crap load of awards it’s sheer brilliance and the dog is ♥️….👌🏻 Love a chat and giggle .... Love my family sooooooo much .... ...Love sports and a 🏃‍♀️run.WBA fan my hubby is fab .Our son is awesome one proud mom 💜

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