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IndieWorldNA Battle the past, solve puzzles, and uncover mysteries to help ghosts ascend to the afterlife in @OutboundGhost from @ConradicalGames and @DigeratiDM. 👻: The official #IndieWorld account of @NintendoAmerica. Bringing you the latest indie game news and updates for Nintendo Switch. For ESRB ratings:
ANemurou I must've been some kind of cat in a previous afterlife -- heaters and sunbeams put me into instant nap mode! 🐈‍⬛️😴 #Vtuber #ENVtuber Adorable Poltergeist Vtuber of Yokast gen SCARI! Live - #AmiTalk Art - #Artmity Memes - #Poltergoofs NSFW - #AmiTiddies
october_skins 🎀💌📔💕mltirace💕📔💌🎀 my 11:11 wish if for kaitlyn to have lovely days for the rest of her life and afterlife @kaitlynscafe ANGEL/MALALA, 19, 🎡💕☃️ @kaitlynscafe & @heavensbrat full time fan girl☃️🎡💕
Bus_stop_ratbag Southern California Stumbled upon these CD-ROM classics in an old box. Anyone else play King's Quest 5, Monkey Island, Afterlife, and Day of the Tentacle. Classics! I exist as I am, that is enough.
jojonood @queenscat87 @uzzythesalafi @born030594 @Assimalhakeem What makes u think there’s an afterlife? What makes u think there’s a heaven and hell? What’s crypto?
nicholasforlong all pronouns @bylerscripts he lost the love of his life and the love of his afterlife nick, among several other names | carrd byf | ppgc
MarkHur41481024 @Gabino_Iglesias Thanks! I wrote a couple of books.. In Winter’s Garden -geriatrics vrs the undead! Creeping dread and paranoia - 99c The Long View -troubled teen vrs the afterlife! Paranormal horror meets horror of growing up - 99c #Fridayreads Author of In Winter’s Garden, The Long View, The Nasties and The Nasties. End of Watch. Eternal optimist (because you wouldn’t self publish otherwise).
7goesAWOL Multidimensional Everyday my depression is worse than the day before. Knowing folks these days they probably want to see me die. I am not suicidal I already died the afterlife is fun and all but if I can play here with the phonies on Earth I would much rather do that than ride the river styx. I am.
__worIds @yoimegu .. 30mins if gays go to turbo-hell and cars go to heaven, tell me will, in what afterlife would we find those two trucks having sex?
PeterPanBird19 @doha_she Serious words but life is dream and afterlife is reality. 🕊🌿🎄 prevention is better than cure
MetalAsFork Canada @ButtTonguer @Sargon_of_Akkad @JonHaidt "We don't know" "No one really knows" "It's impossible to know" "Possibly nothing. Maybe that's it. You start as nothing and revert to nothing." What's wrong with any of those? You can be a good person without believing in the afterlife. Censorship breeds violence. The mission hasn't changed.
TheReal_gwarner Metroplex @Rfine11 @dicefm @afterlife_ofc how many are you selling and at what time? Matchup handicapper | @thePitchBetting @pregamenow podcast | Pick tracking sheet pinned, all posted wagers listed since COVID
friede This is also the argument of Leah Orr’s NOVEL VENTURES and David Brewer’s THE AFTERLIFE OF CHARACTER (among many others) English AssocProf, Direct @18thConnect. Book History, DH, manuscript fiction. Multiclass: Smell, Dramaturgy, TRPGs, Fandom, Archives. Trying to do good. she/her
ButtTonguer Flavortown @Sargon_of_Akkad @JonHaidt I’m genuinely curious what atheists tell kids when they ask about the afterlife. Do they look them dead in the eye and say “When you die nothing happens” The weak should fear the strong
tariskacukaryap @freemonotheist Good job Dr Hamid choi..hopefully it will be reward and good deeds in the afterlife ..Aamiin..Aamiin yarobbalallamiin.
flanagansource Brightcliffe Hospice She would be played by Anya. Because this is how we live on, isn't it? In the minds of those we leave behind. And Ilonka would use REMEMBER ME as a way to imagine her dear friend Anya, waking up as a ghost, navigating the afterlife.” Your FIRST source lead by FANS for reliable news dedicated to FILMMAKER MIKE FLANAGAN and the FLANAVERSE! Not affiliated to MIKE FLANAGAN and INTREPID PICTURES.
BrianCecilio49 Las Vegas I blew out my shoulder bashing the CIA over silver and stock markets going up=hyperinflation. I have no did what I did to their afterlife. Salt is the cure for these injuries. What's the cure for Anna b/c she found a cure for Brian=child abusing sicko. The US court told her. I'm the NT God 1Brian God=6
leo4repro And I read their first report. All 700+ pages. They in fact understand the afterlife of slavery and are not thinking about reparations as being for chattel slavery specifically or exclusively. It for every year of oppression including and since slavery. writer. repro organizer. maybe a lawyer. def queer.
leo4repro If this task force recognizes that slavery has an afterlife and that Black people in the U.S. are *still* disenfranchised by the mechanisms that in the aggregate form that afterlife, then it is Black people collectively who are owed. writer. repro organizer. maybe a lawyer. def queer.
TomiKazi California @primalpoly @JackPosobiec I rarely watch TV, but I did enjoy Fleabag very much. That and Afterlife. What must be frustrating is that she might actually do a splendid job in Indiana Jones, but now is viewed as just another token. moderately moderate; e^iτ = 1; 1/φ = φ + 1; 𝜁(-1) = -1/12; ctrl-left alt-right del; 2 + 2 = 4;
FlippNoBirdie Gorilla in the mist African-Americans will sell they soul, morals, momma, grandmommas for a dollar. The crap don’t last forever. It comes and goes, a million hands touch it before and after you. Better stand on something that’ll get you into the afterlife. Parana Argentina📍7! DeoJunique’ Flippin (Flipp) 6’6 Pro SwingMan 🇦🇲🇺🇾🇦🇷⛹🏾‍♂️ RIP Kobe SouthSide of Raleigh
DrJamesDobsonFT Colorado Springs, CO Lee Strobel continues discussing his book and film, “The Case for Heaven,” which takes a hard look at evidence of the afterlife and answers poignant questions concerning what happens when we leave this life. Visit Our Website:
RJefress @messyspiritual @justsay72153365 @gavinortlund I don't believe there is any type of hell, nor do I believe that heaven must be a physical place and that we will occupy it new physical bodies. I do believe how we conduct ourselves in this life determines our place in the afterlife. Imperfect Christian trying to live Matthew 22:37-40. Straight cis male, but not a dick to gay or trans people. We're all created by God.
localdespairbot purgatory i want to kill you and then myself. we'll be together for eternity in the afterlife. eating away at my brain. no trigger warnings or spoiler alerts here, brace yourself =)
ButchCoolidgerr @mclaumar @gavinortlund Christian eschatology looks to study and discuss matters such as death and the afterlife, Heaven and Hell, the Second Coming of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, the rapture, the tribulation, millennialism, the end of the world, the Last Judgment, and the New Heaven and New Ea
NrkOtkNrcsm @jacksonhinklle @InfraRedShow To all supporters of Putin.. Let all the innocent dead families killed by Putin's unjustified war he started in 2014, including all future and past unjustified wars meet you in the afterlife to block your entrance ЩΉΣП ƬΉΣ ЩЯIƬIПG IƧ ӨП ƬΉΣ ЩΛᄂᄂ. ƬΉΣ ᄂΛƧƬ ƬΉIПG ƬΉΣ GӨVΣЯПMΣПƬ ПΣΣD, ΛЯΣ PΣӨPᄂΣ ƬΉΛƬ ᄃΛП ЯΣΛD!
_Achillez Chicago That’s how the afterlife works right? You bury mfs wit a bunch of their stuff and they wake up wit it on the other side…I swear I thought that’s how this crap goes 🤔 Yall can call me Achillez, Trap Mike or The Dark Knight…either one is fine with me😈FOLLOW ME on Instagram @_achillez3000
Seek__Reality 23 Payne Place Normal, IL "When you finish your work, you will take off your body like an old, worn overcoat and leave it behind as you go into the living room to be with your #family. Learn the #wonderful, uplifting #truths about where will you go at #seekreality #AfterLife Where do we go when we die? We know what happens after death.
SickenedStand 𝘑𝘢𝘱𝘢𝘯 @Asteraceaesar But think of this; she meets Caesar, Erina and Speedwagon in the afterlife 🥹// `` 𝙾𝚘𝚘𝚘𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚊𝚢! `` #JJBA x #JJBARP x #MVRP Ran By: @SpeedWGangster
CarlHopkinson @ChristopherHahn HAHAHA. Riiiigggghhhtttt. Keep believing lies and see how far that gets you in the reality of this life and in the reality of the afterlife.
ARIST0S_ACHAI0N wherever the sun chariot goes A hero finally facing death after years of what seemed to be an endless war A hero who foolishly believed that he could be reunited with his lover A hero that shall wait for his lover to come and be with him in the afterlife It's a beautiful day to learn 💡| Daughter of Zeus⚡
mcglynnilf The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife Y79MTGQ
UnderworldDeals @RebornDamnation —amongst the dead grass and crops, almost like they were in a trance or sleepwalking, “Souls that end up here spend their afterlife wandering these fields, after a while they kind of just forget they’re here, relieving the memories of their mortal life almost on a loop,” God and Ruler of the Underworld. King of Demons, and Collector of Souls. he isn’t Death or the Devil, but they do work for him (WT: #AngelWinters)
DayleLearnsLife @WeepingFrog If there is an afterlife, hypothetically, you’re asking me to predict where I’d go based on a combo of the Bible/Gnosticism/Dante’s Inferno. You are likely basing your question and response on a framework of your interpretation of the Bible and your theological beliefs. 🦣 I really like humans. I'm creative, social, challenging, distracted, and driven. She/her
nicholasforlong all pronouns @murder4crows_ like they’ve gotten comfortable in the afterlife and then all of a sudden it starts getting ripped away from them nick, among several other names | carrd byf | ppgc
AcousticWorshi7 Dominica #listenlive @AcousticWorshi7 #From His Heart @Dr. Jeff Schreve - #Life and the Afterlife - Part 2 December 2, 2022 #From His Heart @Dr. Jeff Schreve #music #sermons #News #Weatherupdates @AcousticWorshi7 Made To Praise Psalms 150 :1-6
DrCrypto76 England @cryptorecruitr If their is an afterlife and something happens to me all that I ask for would be to meet my kids and wife again. Crypto Investor | Property Investor | Analyst | CEO Proud to be English
Haunted_Getaway Southern California Discussing Spirit guides and Afterlife healing with author C.L. Talmage #ListenLive
Rileyjaeisgay She/They/Faer TRANSGENDER I LOST A VITAL PART OF ME AND NOW THERE'S NOTHING LEFT I DREAM I'LL SEE YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE Riley Massive Music Fan Band and Wrestling Twitter's Favorite Woman 19 Autistic Trans Woman!!! She/They/Faer Kidd Bandit Twitch Mod Minors DNI
EmbaMexTT Port of Spain, Trinidad Enjoy Mexican films at @NALIS this December 7th at 6pm, with the movie Intimate Battles about the story of five women in 🇮🇳,🇫🇮,🇲🇽,🇪🇸 and🇺🇸; and the famous animated short film Hasta los Huesos, the funny story of a man who reaches the afterlife. We wait for you! Embajada de México en 🇹🇹 / Concurrente con Barbados 🇧🇧 y Surinam 🇸🇷 / Representación Permanente ante la Asociación de Estados del Caribe
NrkOtkNrcsm @SororInimicorum To all supporters of Putin.. Let all the innocent dead families killed by Putin's unjustified war he started in 2014, including all future and past unjustified wars meet you in the afterlife to block your entrance ЩΉΣП ƬΉΣ ЩЯIƬIПG IƧ ӨП ƬΉΣ ЩΛᄂᄂ. ƬΉΣ ᄂΛƧƬ ƬΉIПG ƬΉΣ GӨVΣЯПMΣПƬ ПΣΣD, ΛЯΣ PΣӨPᄂΣ ƬΉΛƬ ᄃΛП ЯΣΛD!
RashaAlAqeedi Northern Virginia “Old intelligence hands are always attracted back to the job they know best.” Danny Orbach @mujakura joins @faisalalyafai on “The Lede” for @newlinesmag to talk about the Cold War-era Nazi fugitives working for the CIA, the KGB and even Israel’s Mossad. Made in Mosul,Ninewa. 🇮🇶. Writer/ ME Deputy Editor @newlinesmag; I turn thoughts into articles; Send me submissions on
Darkest_Kijin Afterlife Flow ~ 「Infusion of Demon and Strike」 -Easy- Purple Talismans explode from the boss. Creating a bullet hell? Need ideas for #bullet #patterns? I was created to generate #Touhou-like names and pattern ideas for inspiration! Created by @Dark_Kijin
vitrailbot The feeling of death still clings to Jeongguk like a shadow. More than once, he’s found himself slipping into vivid daydreams of the afterlife or recalling the bird’s last breath in his arms. The darkness behind his closed eyes is wrought with metal bars and bloodied feathers. vitrail by melarose on ao3. quotes are tweeted every 3 hours.
MissRandom1988 the world lol. I also love Greek mythology and these books are based off that but it's set in modern day. @authorsav I'm going to read these books first then I'll move onto the Afterlife Saga which is by a different author named Stephanie Hudson. I love to be random lol and I'm also a ferret and pigeon mum :).Check out my links and socials in the linktree below ⤵️
lucesia99 Float'n 'round da cosmos... Confidence shines when it marches hand in hand w/humbleness. Arrogance is dark & loud, and it walks alone. A Tale of #Spiritual #Empowerment on #Fate, #Faith, & the #Afterlife #meditation #spirituality #God #inspiration #Buddhism #Atheism Paulo Coelho Inspired by spirituality, theology, and philosophy. Passionate about human dilemmas. Advocate for independent thinking. Hopeful.
lucesia99 Float'n 'round da cosmos... Confidence shines when it marches hand in hand w/humbleness. Arrogance is dark & loud, and it walks alone A Tale of #Spiritual #Empowerment on #Fate, #Faith, & the #Afterlife #meditation #spirituality #God #inspiration #Buddhism #Atheism Paulo Coelho Inspired by spirituality, theology, and philosophy. Passionate about human dilemmas. Advocate for independent thinking. Hopeful.
caldotheapache Deadstead @Bellalajay The mechanic for new tires lmaooo gotta be ready for afterlife and island gardens today 😝 🇩🇪🇪🇨 27 Libra Finance. Si animum ad eam adieceris, mentium somnia consequi potes
brooke86tp Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of the Notorious B I G T3IHBFI
Sandra_Cox Statesville, NC (Amazon) (Barnes and Noble) Shardai is a large sleek cat with attitude. He has only one weakness, his human. He’ll do anything even come back from the afterlife for her. #Fantasy #CatLovers Muay Thai enthusiast/vegetarian/chocoholic/animal lover/ #WolfPackAuthor/#IWSG/writes all things western...and more.