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thunderrosa22 The Graveyards of Tijuana! Mictēcacihuātl.- Queen of Mictlan (the underworld), the goddess, rules over the spirits of the afterlife. Videoshoot produced by @PaulinaClothing and her talented crew. Fire performance Esmeralda Flores & Bart Rando Video Roger Vazquez Photo Gus Mejia Concieved by @TonyStAllen AEW World Champion, Pro MMA Fighter, MPW Wrestler, Promoter of @MissionProWres, LA MERA MERA! | Check out my website below! ⚡️💀❤
britishmuseum London A passage of Chapter 30B of the Book of the Dead is roughly incised around the base of the scarab - "Spell for preventing the heart from opposing the deceased". 🏛 See this scarab on display in Room 63 of the Museum – Egyptian death and afterlife: mummies: A museum of the world, for the world. Book tickets at House rules:
rickygervais Earth Thanks for all your amazing tweets about #AfterLife still flooding in. And thanks even more for always supporting people who open up about their own grief. Godless Ape. Writer. Director. Actor. Comedian. #TheOffice #GhostTown #Extras #TheInventionOfLying #Derek #Humanity #AfterLife #SuperNature #AbsolutelyMental
21movie_screen Ghostbusters: Afterlife(2022). quality 1080. When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town. IMDb ⭐ 7,1/10 click link to watch ⬇️⬇️ - -
nataliaKAMISAMA Placer County, CA @DanGuy96 No, religion is a perfectly heathy coping mechanism, especially when it comes to death and the afterlife. Anthro Artist | Luso-American 🇺🇸🇵🇹| @esportsZMR member that rarely talks about Smash | Bi Tomboy | ASD | Libertarian | INTJ 5w4 | CaptainNat#4899
Mamas_milk_ And we Igbos have been calling out n will continue to call the inhumane politicians amongst Us.we go pour libations on top ekwerenmadu misery this evening.orji uzor kalu,T.A orji,Okezie ikpeazu, Ugwuanyi,chris Uba e.t.c.same fate awaits you all either in this life or afterlife. love to be hugged..Human Teddy bear
pajecza_lilia @JoshHenry6 @AmarisHargreev1 @netflix Hmm, you made me think if maybe the reward would be shared between Reggie for completeing the sequence and Allison for pressing the button? I don't want her death either, but her scenes even looked like 'happy afterlife' - but given the teaser they might have to deal with- No.
Yumi_The_Puppo @MillerRetriever Thank you Miller sweetie! <3 Absorbing souls into paws is so powerful~ Denying them a decent afterlife and instead sealing them in your paws forever... just to make your paws soft for a bit <3 Macro Border Collie! (SHE / HER) I eat planets and step on people! ❤️ - 💙 @Jiyoki_Sonyu 💙 - Best friend and stinkiest Kittow: @MynaRierza
principaIities priv qrt 🆗️ reply for a quote If the world is fair and God exists, which I know for a fact that does, I am up for great suffering in the afterlife. 🐈‍⬛ every 10 minutes
IndieBookButler Floating in the Bibliosphere The Grim Reaper has lost his head and nobody knows where to find it. A mysterious villain is decapitating people. The afterlife needs a hero... Fortunately, Detective Blunt has just been murdered. Okay, he's not happy about it. #Fantasy #Comedy The best indie reads. Author pages, book launches, interviews, book boosts, and more! Come and find your next great read!
yofriendmarcus Noitacol Gnissim @JoshJ_27 but for my family who believes in this theology and an afterlife where their sacrifices on earth will be rewarded I naively wish that both my view of the end and their view of the end can both exist simultaneously because I see how wrapped up in religion their life is, but at + Editor for @markiplier Previously edited for @MatPatGT and @(Redacted) Nerd, Geek and Hyper-Depressive yet still surviving, you can too.
TrueSamanvay Noida 3. Development of critical thinking and rationality, creating a disbelief in afterlife, but still a belief in cosmic justice(karma) that will reward good people and punish bad people within this lifetime itself. komedi
imsajidAhad KASHMIR, INDIA Live truly and forgive quickly. #AFTERLIFE #forgiveness #SaveMe #Mindset To serve the nation, is my dream. #Egoist 😏😎 . . . . . Student of #Psychology . . . 💔☮️
QueenFixxer 86 years old "Well also, NC used to be a whole cooler. And the afterlife is underground sooo.." ~𝓐 𝓛𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓛𝓮𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓭 𝓸𝓯 𝓝𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓒𝓲𝓽𝔂~ ~𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝓞𝓯 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓐𝓯𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓲𝓯𝓮~ ~𝑭𝒂𝒘𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑶𝒗𝒆𝒓 @HIGHWAY_QUEEN_~
bryb1205 @RealMike56 @sam2stu It has been said before that only highly intelligent people really believe in God and the afterlife. For many it is not fathomable. I have plenty of experiences that have let me know God is 100%.
AJHOTCHKINS El Paso, TX Spiritual: I believe you create a living heaven or a living hell by the choices you make every single day. Who’s to say we aren’t living in heaven / afterlife now? Stop waiting for someone to save you and create heaven on earth… I live as everyday is a miracle because it is Content + Fitness Creator - 🧠 Abundance Mindset- 📈 START MY FITNESS APP TODAY FOR 1$👇🏽👇🏽
Dragoncatpaw She/her @chamomeriam Ensel Johnson, cowboy, doctor, stitch witch (of the healing kind), and now a ghost. At least as long as he's in range of a 12 year old necromancer. To say he's lived a long life would be inaccurate, but it's sure been an interesting afterlife. Writer, DM, cat. -Dumisa on Goblets & Gays -Tanith on Animam Agere Mostly ttrpg stuff, occasionally art and writing. Bi ace. white. Banner by @akinomii_art
Miranda40777 @Jackaltwinky77 @TakeThatDarwin @Penny_J_Thomas @ifitaintscott @allyyarid "and in whatever afterlife exists" So their not dead? You admit there is an afterlife that exist? Why can't you admit it's the one Jesus talked about? Because anything but Jesus right? That's the words of a foolish man with a darkened heart. Messianic, in a relationship with Yeshua the Messiah. Isaiah 7:14, 9:6, 53. Zachariah 12:10. Micha 5:2. Psalm 22:16. Genesis 3:15. Daniel 9:26, Proverbs 30:4
jamespaul277 Nigeria @ChrisGordy1993 The earth and everything in it belongs to God. You should read the bible and believe in God so that He will not reject you in the afterlife. Business man and a lover of Jesus Christ ~ I-follow-back
Jackaltwinky77 Just North of Hades @Miranda40777 @TakeThatDarwin @Penny_J_Thomas @ifitaintscott @allyyarid …they did die. All of them died. And are in whatever afterlife exists. He didn’t come back. So, nice try. Abortion is Healthcare, BLM, Trans-Lives Matter. He/Him. Vote Blue to save lives. 🏳️‍🌈Ally
TheoWerewolf Canada @hakirsch No. Anubis was a god. He was the weigher of hearts and determined your worthiness to live on in the afterlife. Software Janitor/Archeologist I drink coffee. I know things. I tell machines stories. Remember: Never call a gay werewolf a"fruit loup".™
tru3lve Orange, CA @heather_leisure @JoshVonGunten The lack of belief in God that they will be judged in the afterlife has an effect. What's to stop someone from committing murder and killing themselves? There is no preventative other than acknowledging God's justice after death. Interested in tech, science, sports, news, wisdom, Jesus, love
TheNewRia Georgia, USA I don’t believe much in an afterlife but today We were at lunch and a lady in the restaurant started singing you are my sunshine to her granddaughter ❤️💔 I felt like for a split second if I turned around I would have seen my mom. “Somebody sedate me!” -Christina Yang.
TimothyNerozzi DC🇺🇸/PA🏔 If you use this feature, you will go to hell. And I don't mean literal hell in a religious, afterlife sense. I mean you will be in a living hell. Reporter @foxnews 英語/日本語 🇺🇲🇯🇵 100% LOYAL to @pontifex ☨ Tweets self-delete.  #lgm Not a smart or good person. Send tips/threats to
misscicco I think the only thing I’ll miss the most and makes me the saddest when I die is I can’t listen to all the music I love anymore. I hope my iPod works in the afterlife—if there’s any. Still living in the ‘90s—best decade ever! 💋 Old account is dead—so am I on the inside.
homie_housewife I’m tickled bc who the hell ever put they letters before the almighty? Seems like it’s only the spiritually weak denounces with this problem. You nuts baby. Whatever pleasantries await in the afterlife I will be partaking letters and all. Foh. Been here before, maker of wreaths cursing in tweets, giving blunt advice on the #wednesdaywisdom.🐩💛💙 We like astrology & pretty sh!t over here.B!tchCraft.
vibezwith_ke Vicksburg, MS If I don’t have nobody else imma have Virg in this life and the next afterlife🤞🏾 talk to me nice or don’t talk to me at all
navasmir1 Evening Trancers❤️Evening's reflexion.I'm one of those who think,while we are alive we must respect and support each other as much as possible,we don't know what is in the afterlife,only God,remains in our memories.Must love life and Trance.And our souls❤️ I LOVE LIFE AND TRANCE ❤ ALWAYS BEHIND A DREAM ❤
MsLogan13 Manitoba, Canada @teachergoals "Afterlife" of course! Though "scrubs" and "Dr Who" are a close tie for second - and all 3 give a direct glimpse into my psyche 🤣 @rickygervais Mother of four fantastic boys, VP to another 368 great kids and Masters grad from BU
aria_isara France @MehrajGeelani The very same Christian fundamentalists believe YOU will go to hell for not accepting Christianity. Clearly you don't see the insanity of all this and I can't help you. It's also insane to think people get punished in the afterlife because of their spiritual beliefs. I tweet mostly about Indian cinema. Occasionally some political rants. Someone said I'm a non-desi desi 😊
sereena_ax1 @MalecKlaroline @FefeMarty Klaus never made it clear he loved Caroline my god😂😂😂😂 so if I kissed a boy that means I love him?! It’s literally a goodbye kiss. They r endgame in the afterlife klaus is dead and found peace so has cami so boom endgame! Klamille is officially endgame❤️
exploder Lake crapshow, Back Seat USA @lacuna_beach @Arbeit_Fish Heaven offers your afterlife a bitter idyll, wondering constantly what must the tortures of hell be if the opposed engram is this paranoid suburban eternity where at once one is assaulted by immense comfort and maudlin recognition of unfathomable time. -Werner probably Time warped six months into the past when I got five months ahead on rent.
Skin_and_b0ne He/Him | 21 @joukocal Bro twins, our dogs are playing in the afterlife together And thanks, same to you I hope you’re doing alright man <3 Go on, bare your teeth at me. I’ll pull them out one by one.
Russelstiltzkin Detroit Get me a justice who will just Cain the rest of their colleagues and their crap opinions into the afterlife I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. He/him
BlackWomanVibes Black Woman Vibes It’s the bourgeoisie and capitalists way of saying to the proletariat, weather with dignity. It’s the equivalent of pie in the sky or I’ll get mine in the afterlife. I WANT MINE IN THIS LIFE. Black Woman Vibes focuses on empowerment through resourceful informative guests, data driven podcast topics and exclusive subscription services.
chanelroe Los Angeles, CA YESHUA IS REAL. If no one has told you about God today I want you to know he is real. The kingdom of light is real. There is an afterlife. It is glorious. It is so surreal and beautiful and I like anything you have ever seen in this earthly realm. But only a few receive access. • singer songwriter • demon slayer • healer in partnership with the divine 🤍
jeffjarvis New York, NY Nothing is sacred to the institutional insurrectionists, save the power of their white race and their fantasy of the afterlife, when they believe all their current sins -- there are so many -- will be erased merely by profession of their misguided faith. @BuzzMachine; prof @CUNY's @NewmarkJSchool; books: Public Parts, What Would Google Do?, Gutenberg the Geek. This Week in Google. Views are mine
DemonUnderBeds Comms closed for awhile @GingerNutt_ Though I did nearly murk a player once. He was in the afterlife and everything. But the goddess of life gave him a second chance at living. But oh ho hoo the table got super emotional over his death in battle and murked the dragon who did it before he came back to life Asexual/Queer ~ they/he/it/dae/ax/vae ~ 19 ~ Autistic ~ Platonic Twitter Lover: @_caligo_epotus_ ~ @AxolotlLuvr_Dam is my alt
RealSquidInc ur trash @NullSpaceGaming @MentorSkywalker @TheFirstOkiro To be fair Force Ghosts don't play by Christian afterlife rules, it's never implied you have to be a good person and Anakin would be more than force sensitive enough The Impossible Squid Absolute Genderglitch™ If found return to @Kursephone 25 She/They Come watch me stream sometime Priv:@alice_fee
PleasureEthics England, United Kingdom And I do hope I'll see them someday together in the afterlife. I want to meet him. The WORLD, the DRAMA, the STAGE The revelations of the oppressed finding freedom. Solutions come in time.
TSMadameCarina Chula Vista, CA Swear it just tasted like I had popsicle in my mouth. Bro I just want to brush my teeth and some demon or spirit thinks they can just play games? Probably a small dick fork who’s still mad in the afterlife. Kill yourself again! I make music for myself and others #SecuringMyDollars🙈🔮☮️🔥🌈 she/ her 18+
PleasureEthics England, United Kingdom The transition to business woman, socially approved for the first mortgage, not needing a man. She didn't have one and vowed to marry no one else, after he died in WW2. She always honoured it, waiting for the afterlife. The WORLD, the DRAMA, the STAGE The revelations of the oppressed finding freedom. Solutions come in time.
FCJNFT Metaverse I connect with zombies 🧟‍♂️ Because literally I have been dead I am so blessed and so humbled to be given every day now when I was gone on the other side I didn’t remember anything so live your life now to the fullest don’t plan on the afterlife being your time to shine Please bee 🐝 Friendly to All ❤️‍🔥💯 help as many as possible. #Beekeeper #SpacesHost #BAYC 1133.eth #fcjnft 🄲🄾🄵🄾🅄🄽🄳🄴🅁 @Lovebirdsnfts 🔧🔨 🪬❤️🦜
MariaZaoutis LI, NY @ILLENIUM holding a prayer circle you play afterlife at forest hills… i will fall and never get up 25 I like bass, wubz and singing | 111 | 222 | it’s called ✨dubstep✨| certified wook | Third member of ATliens
bearlycute64 Virginia, USA But The Boiling Isles need me… Milton: then take me with you! A love this special comes once in the afterlife! We must care for it, nurture it, and let it grow, and let it blossom! like uhh… Pocky: a potato? Milton: a potato! Dugan: you are a true poet my love. icon & picture belongs to @NoSleepGlitch & @moosopp I’m Sonia, and This Bear won’t support NFTs! Plus I love drawings and stories! TB-day 9/28/18
Finance_Weights India @Teapot_Inc @pk44442993 @MassoodSanjer I have no faith, we all will be Carbon atoms once we are dead and decomposing. Only difference is you will be expecting women and richer in the afterlife and will be disappointed. I won’t be Anonymous for my well-being. Pic is AI generated. Don’t follow me, I’m stupid. I lift weights and invest other folks money in risky products for a big ugly bank
Werid0Stereo 世界の果て I picture that "afterlife" as a true punishment. But I'm not sn and if he's willing to go through it to spend a mortal life loving... fork it, you're totally crazy down in love with your human. ガゼット| キズ | 웡낫 | V系 | +20 | 💜🌹
ERLeVar1031 @A_DiAngelo Part #Fantasy romance, part #SciFi #rebellion: Nami thought the #afterlife was supposed to be relaxing. Instead, Ophelia the #AI assistant has taken over and declared herself queen in Akemi Dawn Bowman’s THE INFINITY COURTS. Full #BookReview: SFF Author ~ Book Blogger ~ Bookseller ~ Loom-Weaver ~ World-Traveler #WritingCommunity
Finance_Weights India @amkhan10881 @MassoodSanjer Sure you keep believing in your delusions about a place with girls and riches in the afterlife. I’ll keep believing in science which says we all are carbon atoms once we decompose. Anonymous for my well-being. Pic is AI generated. Don’t follow me, I’m stupid. I lift weights and invest other folks money in risky products for a big ugly bank
RevSeamusBrown @JamesMartinSJ If there such a mystical place of afterlife as heaven, then the TX GOP and others will be really pissed when they get there. Here for the comedy...

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