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I must be psychic.

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TanaMongeaeu Las Vegas, NV @obvioustrich Man, you must be a psychic! or a spy? i'm scared I'm a Pleb. // 28 days until I see Tana♡
Dav_in_SoCal @IngrahamAngle @DonaldJTrumpJr @politico Some questioned @realdonaldtrump fitness for office? I'd say the Ukranians must be psychic.
jmj488 United States You must be psychic, Sir! Another high-priced lawyer has just today, found employment. So, I guess that's a form of…
blasj London, UK I'm going through a @DarksideUSA phase again... Psychic must be one of the best albums ever! And so good live too: Friend of foxes, listener of electronic sounds, overall geek, casual gamer, and feminist! I do UX things at the BBC.
mullingarfluff I literally had a dream last night that I was seeing Niall on tour I must be psychic 'Cause I want you bad, yeah I want you baby
Vekho I must be psychic or something i swear whats just happened is so fucking strange henlo i am smol flower
FoxyPP1 Omg I must be psychic! Some of my fave truthseekers are on this list. Heeyyy @MrDane1982 @marcushjohnson…
pickeringgod Los Angeles, CA @mendesftoakley I know! That kid must be psychic can complain!
iforqiveyiew @Iordeandsavior Avocado is the name I said she'd call it and now you've said it it must be confirmed with your psychic ability 😂 I have a polar bear fuzzy in my eye. pause. hold on.
Leila_Luxemburg Beiruit, Lebanon لبنان @KohlandLipstick @lilkellbell @mickeythepuss @sahara_sun_ @LaurasBlue @MamaPhoenix6 @MysticJynx @luv4annie…
KohlandLipstick Ireland @lilkellbell @Leila_Luxemburg @mickeythepuss @sahara_sun_ @LaurasBlue @MamaPhoenix6 @MysticJynx @luv4annie…
LadyEden1337 East Coast USA @darbue_ @CaliforniaDalek @LisaR_M @EducatorDalek lol, I must be psychic! ;) Woman in her 20s, has Asperger's, Squirrelly, living a semi-normal life, blogger, fan of ghosts, LP, the GAC and @Cast_In_Bronze.
klpbirds 38.815362N, 77.122095W @1step I was thinking about Criminals earlier today - I must be psychic! Or psychotic. I forget which. Aviation lawyer. English geek. Survivor. Forever distracted by David Cook, parrots, and ... golf on the teevee.
evaksvixen are pronouns even real @lindsaydemeola @mollyydurant @AcaciaBrinley i was literally just thinking about you and acacia's friendship. that's it, i must be psychic wtf is rong with u lesbians @juggiesburgers
musicalhanks @EvaNoblezada oh eva I swear you must be psychic to be able to put out these reminders on the days I'm insecure I l… when will the universe let me meet tom hanks
TaraWardBooks UK @zeeemanq I must be psychic! 😜 Grateful to have sold 400,000 copies of my books. Also Actor (Preston in Dr Who’s Warriors of the Deep) Voice-Over Artist & Trainer. A Daily Uplifting Thought.
emily_meyer02 I must be psychic because dannnggg I'm good 😂🙌🏼
KristineBria United States @MaggieSheWrote Wow! I was thinking the same thing. You must be psychic. ;) Award-Winning Author of Small Town Contemporary Romance
Hazel_Ann77 Exeter, England @Wimbledon must be psychic, I didn't realise the match had even started! #Wimbledon2017 In my mind I've won Badminton Horse Trials and danced with the Royal Ballet. In reality I am a cat lover, day dreamer, and soon to be Mrs Smith.
ShyBoyKiyoshi The Kalos Region @Chespinbot "I must be psychic then!" A shy teen from Kalos who has always wanted to have a Pokemon of his own that he can call his best friend and partner. | 14 | Straight | Single |#ArtsyPawz
CVDalcher The Land of Styron & Barbecue @tiredpsych @KP_the_Promisee @Sophie_van_L You and @allthosestrings must be psychic. Seriously--I so want to write… Theoretical linguist. Italophile. Writer of novels, shorts, & flash. Repped by Laura Bradford; one-fourth of FlashForce4.
MsAlliance Beckenham and often elsewhere @shushitssusan You must be psychic! I was just thinking about you. How are you? Feminist, "raging 🇪🇺 moron," 2nd gen immigrant. Despise tribalism. #thearchers tweetalonger. Reluctant 🏃er. Over-ambitious 📷er. Sings, blogs, loves dogs.
thesuperbabe Australia @AdorableWords I expected you to make me happy with sassy words I must find more sassiness bc I'm dependent but I a… hippie soul with a dash of fandom sparkle #jindeservesbetter
JackoffJosh711 Spokane, WA @Vivjua @dsspivak @travgard @kimoco @dimsmirnov175 What did I misinterpret? You professed to know other people's mo… 24hrs/day my mind spews thoughts out. If thinking were compared to masturbation and my thoughts were the ejaculate, then this is the tissue I keep at my bedside
BigBossDave St. Louis, MO @krissiscribbles Wow, I must be psychic. Remember I mentioned this yesterday, before I knew it. lol Retro, recycling, repurposing, writer and reggae-lover. Quick wit, slow burn, big appetite, small tolerance for BS. Cake?
fabiwoss @babyboisara @plugwalk Binch! I must be psychic or something 🤠🤠🤠
QuietMia Shakedown Street @barrymanilow I was randomly inspired to follow you & listen to you at work all morning. I must be psychic! "Most things I worry about never happen anyway" Tom Petty #TheResistance
Psychic_Driving New Jersey, USA @ae2501maeth its interesting what we both made 世界是一个闹鬼的房子
webbedrogers Marvel/SW/TVD/DC/HP @SPIDERH0LLAND I must be psychic! 😂 🕸"Come on, Peter! Come on, Spider-Man!" 🕸 [quackson klaxson™]
ArtieFice Los Angeles, California Now there is a reason I must establish my name and reputation as a real #Psychic Medium or risk being labeled mentally unfit to be a father. Artist, Photographer, Psychic Investigator, Founder of Mindstate Magazine. SpiritVision™ Facebook: Spirit Messenger CERVANTES
bamaq23 South central Wisconsin #Grandkitty must be psychic. He always wanders into the kitchen just as I'm packing my lunch... Befuddled empty nester. My brand is built around Cubs baseball, bicycles, books, comics, Doctor Who, and bunnies. Yes, I know I'm ridiculous.

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